George A Bednarz

George A. Bednarz (MBA) – IC Packaging – Materials / Processing / Equipment

Since 1966 Mr. Bednarz has experience in advanced integrated circuit packaging materials and process development.  he had 8 years of experience in materials development at Allied Chemical and 13 years of experience at Texas Instruments, Inc. in materials development, process development, equipment evaluation, and reliability performance. Since 2003 he has been a technical consultant in IP matters related to package design, process analysis and investigation.

He was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff while at Texas instruments. He managed domestic laboratories for assembly process technology, polymer analytical characterization, developer of internal training programs, assignee to SEMATECH consortium as manager of assembly and packaging initiative, university consortia program manager, worldwide commodity team technical manager, international project manager for encapsulation programs and international tooling business and machine shop operations manager.

Mr. Bednarz holds a B.S. from University of Massachusetts-Lowell and an M.B.A. from University of Dallas Graduate School of Management. He has published 13 papers and holds 16 U.S. and Foreign patents in the fields of IC package design and process. He is a member of IEEE-Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Society, SMTA, IMAPS and SPE.

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