Karl M Guttag

Karl M. Guttag – Integrated Circuits / Microdisplays

Since 1978 Mr. Guttag has experience in integrated circuits related to microdisplays used in projectors and near eye displays. His experience includes a wide range of semiconductors for CPUs, image processing, graphics processing, peripheral circuits for graphics and imaging, and new DRAM memory architectures. He was the youngest person to be elected a TI Fellow in the history of Texas Instruments. He has been the CTO of 2 startups in the area of liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) microdisplays and more recently the CTO of a startup working on automotive heads up displays. He was on TI’s division and corporate patent committee for 10 years and has provided technical expert work on over 10 cases. He has a MSEE from the University of Michigan and a BSEE from Bradley University. He has published numerous referred and invited papers and spoken at many conferences in the fields of electronics, processors, semiconductors, graphics, and displays. He is a named inventor on 146 U.S. patents.

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