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Technical Experience That Goes Above and Beyond

Not many companies can claim expert witness experience, as well as more than 350 years of combined technical experience encompassing a wide variety of fields in engineering, science, and technology. At McAlexander Sound, we are proud to hold such a status along with a high standard of quality when it comes to technical consulting services consistent with legal requirements and standards.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Electrical: Almost all our staff members have a background in electrical engineering with an extensive understanding of computer-based systems, microcircuit technology, and telecommunications with major companies such as Texas Instruments, Sandia National Laboratories, ST Microelectronics, INMOS, Mostek, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and IBM. With our knowledge and technical skills, nothing is too complex for our team.
  • Mechanical Equipment: Ranging from packaging and processing equipment, to sound, light and video equipment, to plasma and etching equipment, with major companies such as Texas Instruments and PlasmaQuest. Our staff has the knowledge to provide technical expert testimony to support your intellectual property.
  • Industrial: Our industrial engineering experts have worked with major companies such as Hughes Aircraft, JPL, Matra-Marconi, SAAB, TRW, and Boeing. We can work with you for all your IP needs in the industrial field.
  • Integrated Circuits Design: Anything related to integrated circuit design, including bipolar, MOS, and CMOS devices, our staff can help. We are well trained in providing expert consulting services for businesses dealing with integrated circuit design technology and devices.
  • Integrated Circuits Packaging: Assembly and packaging of advanced integrated circuits are no problem for us at McAlexander Sound. We have knowledge related to polymeric materials, process development, and equipment.
  • Integrated Circuits Processing: Our expertise in integrated circuit processing includes backgrounds in microcircuit and semiconductor technology related to fabrication, testing, control system, and defect analysis for corporations such as Texas Instruments.
  • Communication: Much of our experience comes from engineering positions within corporate communication entities such as Bell Telephone Laboratories, Samsung Telecommunications, and AT&T. You can benefit from the best in IP expert witness services for any of your telecommunication needs.
  • Modeling: Our modeling and simulation experience is specific to semiconductor devices with the use of SPICE and VHDL. We always maintain a high level of expert witness services and counsultation in fields of engineering, science, and technology.
  • Systems & Design: Members of our staff have knowledge from decades of working within the fields of systems and design to give you the best possible IP expert consulting services. If you need IP expert witnesses for systems and design technology, we can help.
  • Software / Firmware: The products in today’s marketplace rely on software and firmware to provide the innovation to separate the functionality of a product from others. With experience in commercial-grade engineering software, our staff can assist you with all your IP needs.
  • Signal and Image Processing: When it comes to signal and image processing, our main technical focus is on optical, digital x-ray, and nuclear image modalities. We also concentrate on the information necessary to provide in-depth expert witness services to our clients.
  • Audio and Multimedia: Our audio and multimedia experts provide you with unmatched expertise in sound, lighting, and video systems within the professional, commercial, studio and consumer markets. Their technical knowledge provides you with the best expert witness or consulting services available.
  • Radiation: If you are in need of a radiation expert, look to McAlexander Sound for our professional IP consulting and management services. Work in radiation effects testing and component engineering gives us the knowledge and experience you need.

We have the expertise you need!

Contact us now at 972-421-4421 for a technical expert who is ready to help you! We offer a free initial consultation so you can take the opportunity to learn more about the services we provide. At McAlexander Sound, we take pride in the experience we have because we know we only offer the best IP expert witness services.

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