Intellectual Property Management

Full-Scale Intellectual Property Technical Services

Our focus is on providing a one-stop-shop of full-scale intellectual property management, protection, and strategic development services for you. Regardless what field you specialize in, McAlexander Sound is there every step of the way for your IP management needs.

We offer the following technical services for intellectual property:

  • IP Licensing: Allow us to guide you through the IP licensing process by helping you identify parties interested in licensing agreements, as well as investigating third-party assertions for the validity of their data. Furthermore, we can conduct licensing negotiations and aid the development of joint ventures or cooperative exchange programs.
  • IP Protection: It is vitally important to ensure your intellectual property is protected. Our staff can work with you to create a solution that is fully customized to fit your needs but still maintain multi-level security. Such a solution includes the support of specific case requirements with both technical consultants and testifying experts.
  • IP Validity: We can ease your navigation through the patent approval process by using our range of technical skills to properly analyze what is valid or invalid. Using a series of international databases, we can assess every concern to make sure all patent disclosure requirements are fully completed to successfully defend your patent.
  • IP Technical Consultation: McAlexander Sound collaborates with your patent agent and management team to make certain every aspect of the patent process is successful and efficient from beginning to end. We are there from idea conception to patent issuance, working to ensure a proper environment is present before, during, and after the processing.
  • IP Portfolio Valuation: Our team can thoroughly and comprehensively review and audit your intellectual property and patent portfolio using a proprietary ranking and rating system. There are a number of critical performance factors we will examine, then rate your property including licensing potential, ease of work, industry need, and more!
  • IP Strategy: We can develop a top-down strategy with you that is designed to get the highest value for your intellectual property and patent portfolio. Through this cooperative process, we can make recommendations for improvement to organize the best path for your company to take in the future.

At McAlexander Sound, our mission to you and your IP Portfolio is to further the value of your assets, so your company can get the most out of what it puts in. Whether your patents are related to engineering, biotechnology, or another field entirely, we are willing and able to assist you with any of your intellectual property concerns throughout the process.

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