Dr. Vishal Sharma (P.E.)

Dr. Vishal Sharma (P.E.) – Telecommunication Architecture / Software

Since 1993 Dr. Vishal Sharma (P.E.) an international technologist and entrepreneur, has experience spanning research, industry, labs, and academia in networking and telecom technologies. Key focus on packet and optical system/network architecture, protocol design, system analysis and optimization, software prototyping, and network planning & algorithms, with applications to IP/MPLS networks, wireless backhaul, wireless broadband, and packet-core networks, and Ethernet networks.

Expertise in analysis & design of high-speed switch/router architectures, development of switch scheduling and flow management algorithms, devising switch scheduling schemes, QoS algorithms for wireless broadband networks (Wi-Max, 3G) and wireline (IP/Ethernet/ATM, optical, & next-generation SONET/SDH) networks, mobile backhaul techniques for 2G/3G/4G and LTE networks, LTE network evolution, evaluating security issues in 3G cellular data networks, design of IP-based signaling and routing protocols for optical TDM and WDM networks, recovery schemes for MPLS and optical mesh networks, and, MPLS technologies, traffic engineering principles, protocols, carrier approaches, planning tools, and algorithms, analysis of all-optical switching schemes, and connection- and flow-control protocols for packet and optical networks, next-generation optical TDM (SONET/SDH) developments and standards; applying queueing theory to analyze telecommunication system design issues, frequency assignment algorithms and capacity analysis for cellular radio.

Experience in patent analysis and valuation, including patent drafting, prior art research, claim analysis and construction, infringement analysis and evidence of use.

Intensive workshops/sessions over the years at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) Extension, University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Extension, and a number of international corporations, including technologies ranging from, semiconductors, systems, and service providers.

Achievements: 10 US patents awarded in: high-speed switch architectures, switch scheduling, optical routing, MPLS recovery, and IP control of SONET/SDH networks; 10 IETF RFCs published; core contributor in the IETF to the development of IP-based signaling and routing standards for packet, TDM and optical networks; an early-contributor to the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)’s evolving UNI and NNI signaling/routing standards; furnished first analytical (probabilistic) framework to characterize limited wavelength translation in WDM optical networks; Guest Editor of 4 Special Issues of the IEEE Communications Mag.; numerous tutorials, international conference and journal papers, and book chapters published; Subject Matter Expert at the Broadband Forum; Senior Member (2001) of the IEEE, Life Fellow (2005) of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (IETE), India.

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